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'Whoever seeks to save his life - will lose it, whoever loses his life for my sake - will find it'

People are currently 'seeking to save' their lives by hoping for a vaccine that promises total immunity.

The ship is truly sinking. People are holding onto the glamour of it for dear life, hoping that all will go back to 'normal'. It won't. Why is that? Because we're at the end of an age. If we get KNOWLEDGE - it's not so scary - but a perfect plan. We will wake up on the New Earth - ready for a new life but far more beautiful. A planet where people are taught how to love! How good is that? Try to google what you can on the New Earth, see what other people have written and seen about it. Try to read Dolores Cannon's books on the New Earth - if you can.

Please listen to Koa who was attempting to educate people around him, to see the big picture. (24:00 mins is a good start, if not the whole video - he makes SO much sense!

1 vaccine - won't be enough. The 2nd vaccine - won't be enough.

Then the RFID chip will be introduced. It's a tracking device that will know all of our details. We can see what 'checking-in' to stores is leading to can't we? A cashless society in order to pay electronically. For now, we're all having to stand at the entrance to a store, and give our details via our phones.

People are not trusting their Creator's intention for perfect health for their bodies. It's making a statement saying 'no we will trust doctors, we will trust Government'. It is said that the RFID chip is the 'Mark of the Beast'. No doubt you'll hear the term if you haven't already. It is the Mark of the Government. What is the power controlling our Governments? A dark and evil force that we should never want to trust our bodies with. They'll take our very souls if we let them.

Seek guidance, seek wisdom, go within. Meditate and ask Great Spirit to show you yourself, ask 'what do I need to know? How do I prepare? What do I need to do?' It's vital in these dark times.

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