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Koa Windsong - preparing for economic collapse (21:56)

Some of you may know this beautiful man - Koa Windsong. He was staying in Nimbin for quite some time.

Koa had great insight into how he saw the future unfolding. He had a dream to start a tribe of people who would learn how to live in the bush. While it may seem very 'out there' - (well he was able to think outside the square - nothing wrong with that) - he was right on the money. He was trying to get people to empower themselves, and to be prepared for when the economy was going to crash (21:56). His background is part Native American so he could see the bigger picture. His whole talk in this video is fascinating!

I did meet him in person, and we had a really good talk. I was grateful for what he was trying to do in getting people prepared. It was sad when he could not get a group together and decided to return to America. He explained that people weren't ready to minimise what they ate, as they had access to everything (travel, eating out, the fine life). The two worlds did not join in time.

The motto is 'be prepared, not scared'.

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