• Shelly Moran

He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds

I'm in-between-worlds at the moment. It's an interesting place where we are shown truth, we are shown our lives (or life reviews), and we gain incredible knowledge on so many topics. I'm being shown what is to come in the near future as well. It's time now, for us to go into meditation or prayer.

Years ago, I hated Church-ianity, and everything 'Christian'!!!!! Christianity I felt, had ruined my life! But that was the church I was involved in, and it was a good thing I left.

I also didn't want anything to do with God or Jesus because of it. Until I started getting dreams about world events (that are unfolding now). That was 10 years ago. I decided I was going to follow Jesus after the life changing dream of Paradise, (which was similar to a Near Death Experience), but I wasn't going to go near any church.

In the end, he wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm not sure why we shy away from Creator and Jesus - it could be due to the great damage the church has done. But what's even more astounding is what I'm being shown 'in-between-worlds'. I'm seeing how Jesus isn't associated with the large majority of churches. People in churches claim to follow him - but haven't applied the laws of love. They remain judgemental, unloving, and conservative. That doesn't appeal to me in the least. Not only that - many are ignorantly following the trends going on in the world, rather than standing steadfast with the truth.

Jesus is completely separate from churches. In fact, there are many sayings in the bible that make references to religious Pharisees (the enemies of Jesus).

As a result of devoting myself to Jesus (I say follower), I gained peace, clarity, guidance. I used to have anxiety before this, I was addicted to alcohol (as a stress relief) and on the same treadmill. I'm no different to the average person, same struggles, same needs etc.

How worthwhile has my journey been! There is MUCH to look forward to - once we go within and find knowledge and truth. Imagine the New Earth awaiting us?! A world with NO insane Governments ruling, a world where love is taught (rather than something unheard of), the freedom to grow our own food, vineyards and whatever else we might desire to grow.

By putting out hard messages - they arn't doom and gloom which people can perceive I'm doing. Rather it's a powerful message of HOPE! Hope is what we all need right now.

I've devoted myself to him, I pray every night on my knees. I get results most of the time by being on my knees - it's like a key turning in a door. I feel secure and safe as I know I'll receive guidance in the days ahead, provided I stay on track.

I hope you get something out of this short video. I want other's to know the peace I've found.

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