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Dream of economic collapse

2 weeks after my first dream, I had another extraordinary dream where I saw the economy had collapsed. Things that happened in the dream were things that I could not have imagined.

We're in a time now, where the pieces of the jigsaw are unfolding before us. Things will not go back to normal - but will only get worse.

If we are prepared - we will not have anything to fear. This takes some quiet reflective time to work it out. The idea is to not create fear and panic - but preparedness. Knowledge is power after all.

If you look at my first dream, it gives great HOPE. It's time to really consider - that life won't go on as normal. We are possibly facing great changes by the end of this year.

If we face this (grim) prospect - we can focus on better things ahead, and be armed with knowledge to know how to remain protected.

Those who have spent time in self examination, acceptance of current circumstances leading to absolute insanity, along with getting ourselves spiritually ready - will be able to remain strong during stormy times. We must tune into our intuition, the 'still small voice' within us who guides us. Or call him 'Creator' (if you don't like the word 'God').

Unfortunately those who have blindly followed, and haven't thought beyond what they are told (and still expect to get food from supermarkets, carry on as normal - will go into shock, and will not be able to get clarity). Fear will block out any rationale.

The great hope - is there's a world called Paradise. We can choose to enter it, or reject it.

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