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Other people's dreams of the New Earth I

I had my first dream of New Earth about 10 years ago. I had been on my awakening journey for about 15 years, most of the awakening revolved around the systems and their mechanisms of control. Politics. Education. Religion. Money. I was not aware of New Earth or the Event and was only slightly aware of Ascension. The dream changed all that.

In my dream, I was outside of a massive, wooden house with a wrap-around deck. I knew the house was mine. I tuned into my mate and felt his presence to be out in the garden. The house was tucked into a beautiful, lush pine forest. The sky was a brilliant blue. The air, pure and clean. Children between the ages of 5-8 or so were running around, all of them in overalls. I decided it was time to feed them, so I called them inside. The next scene I’m inside a large kitchen, looking out the kitchen window. I knew the kids wanted peanut butter sandwiches. Upon knowing this, I simply thought the words “knife, bread, peanut butter” and suddenly, as if out of thin air, a butter knife, bread and peanut butter appeared in front of me on the counter. WOW, I thought only to hear “my new skills are coming along nicely”. I then looked around, seeing a massive river rock fireplace in the living room. I watched the children and knew one of them was mine – a girl.

The dream then ended.

I said nothing about this experience. As I felt it out over the next few days, I concluded I was on an earth-like planet. I could not explain or justify why I felt this way. I just knew.

About a year later, my mate awoke one morning, telling me he had the most vivid, amazing dream. He went on to tell me about the purity of the air, the massive house, the forest, the river rock fireplace. He then went on to say he knew I was inside with a bunch of kids, who, oddly enough, were all running around in overalls.

My jaw dropped. My eyes widened.

“Were you out in the garden?” I asked. He looked at me with eyes equally as wide. I continued. “I had the same dream a year or so ago.”

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