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Warrior men, Warrior women

There's only one way to play this song....LOUD!

We'll certainly need to be strong in the days ahead.

The beast system is coming, and we will be required we 'think' for ourselves. Every single soul MUST face this choice - not be influenced by what everyone else is doing. Do the majority search for truth? Have they questioned anything? Without questioning, how can they know? The ignorant oppose those who do wish to think for themselves, and expect them to be 'obedient conforming sheep'. No doubt you are already seeing this in Facebook and Youtube comments when watching about the vaccine or Covid info?

The pressure will be on all around us - to get vaccinated (oh, once won't be enough), then microchipped (RFID). The microchip is following the vaccine, and this will be the new currency. Without it - we cannot buy or sell. (Take heart - there's a brand New Earth to go to. After all the pain and destruction here, we will wake up hardly knowing what took place. Creator promises that what took place on this Earth - will no longer be remembered in our minds). Phew - there's much to get through (it's part of the reincarnation process where we forget most memories though we can still tap into some). (I myself, relate to Middle Ages).

The world is becoming more and more like the Titanic. It's a glittering sinking ship that will drag souls to the bottom of the ocean. Astoundingly enough, people will choose it as they say in their hearts 'we trust Government, not Creator!' You can see people holding onto what they thought was the norm - pre Covid. It won't go back. The beast has it's claws wedged right in now, and the ignorant all think life will return as normal.

People will go as far as betraying one another, for NOT comforming! The beast system - is the Government. Think outside of this system! Government as well Medical. The Pope will also jump on board, oh and Hollywood celebs.

The main battle is in our minds, our hearts, our souls. We're going to need strength. Ask for it! Seek it! Knock - until you get it. Learn to attune yourself to the 'still small voice'. (I've read in youtube comments, some people feeling a huge trepidation about being vaccinated - THAT is the 'still small voice' warning them - NOT to). Listen to it! Reflect back on your life where you ended up in pain. Do you recall the still small voice - telling us - avoid avoid avoid? It's how we all got burnt when the voice tried to reason with us and warn us - not to go ahead, not to get involved, and not to continually accept and forgive even an abusive person. (I believe we need to love, but I also believe in strong boundaries in order to protect ourselves). Can't love toxic people.

After all, we wear the battle scars from our life on Earth, the scars, the wounds, injuries to our souls. We can be overcomers.

In between worlds - we receive healing. But we can be recognised as a Warrior/Warrioress - if we have fought the good fight. Creator wants us to evolve, to grow, to be strong and to think differently to everyone else.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

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